MNBloggerBash started several years ago as a part of Hubbard Interactive with the idea to connect businesses to bloggers and influencers. We have hosted many events and the team behind those events decided it was time for a rebranding effort. Over the last 6 months they have built a new website, designed new logos and changed the whole color scheme, and even reframed the events themselves. In this episode we talk with a couple ladies from the MNBloggerBash team about the rebrand and what it will mean going forward.


On This Episode

Missy Young

Social Media Services Manager

@miss_shredbetty Missy Young

As the Social Media Services Manager for Hubbard Interactive, Missy Young’s position entails working with clients and team members to drive social media strategy and lead initiatives to identify new technologies and digital best practices. She develops customized micro and macro campaigns that drive online interaction, promotes and creates content that enhances the customer experience and creates lead generation for medium to large-scale companies. She regularly speaks at local and national events on a variety of subjects including: social media, PR, analytics and content strategy.

Adriana Velez

Social Media Coordinator

@sincerely_ami Adriana Velez

With a career path that has so far been more confusing than the plot line of a Telenovela, Adriana brings knowledge from multiple areas of digital marketing. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Business Law and was a cheerleader during her time there. As a Social Media Coordinator at Hubbard Interactive, she brings company voices to life through social media content. With multiple HubSpot certifications and knowledge in Inbound Marketing, she knows the importance of lead nurturing. With passion for all things email, she is able to take a hands-off approach to engaging with customers and nurturing leads as they go through the buyer’s journey. When she isn’t geeking out over digital marketing you can find her blogging about mental health, capturing her trendy life living in North Loop, and taking pictures of her dog and cat.

Kaylie Schmitt


Kaylie is a graphic designer at Hubbard Interactive and crazy dog mom to Tilly the Toller. When she’s not obsessing over her fur baby, she can be found on the bike trails, playing volleyball or adventuring to the mountains with her husband.

Pat Laeger

Digital Content Specialist

Pat Laeger

Pat has over 10 years of creative production experience and has produced radio shows, video campaigns, podcasts, and other digital content. Pat is an outgoing introvert, a spreadsheet lover, an Oxford comma advocate, and an avid Mountain Dew drinker.