Facebook had a certification course called Facebook Blueprint. It’s for advertisers who need to know how to place ads in the best way for business pages on Facebook. Our team is in the process of studying and taking the test for all the ads we place on Facebook and Instagram. The test and the material is very useful for any advertiser, but the testing process is unique. In this episode we talk about the Facebook test protocol as well as the studying, practicing and ad placement we are doing to prepare for the certification to hopefully give you some more insight on Facebook ads for your business.


On This Episode

Missy Young

Social Media Services Manager

@miss_shredbetty Missy Young

As the Social Media Services Manager for Hubbard Interactive, Missy Young’s position entails working with clients and team members to drive social media strategy and lead initiatives to identify new technologies and digital best practices. She develops customized micro and macro campaigns that drive online interaction, promotes and creates content that enhances the customer experience and creates lead generation for medium to large-scale companies. She regularly speaks at local and national events on a variety of subjects including: social media, PR, analytics and content strategy.

Anna Johnson

Social Media Coordinator

@the_butterflypath Anna Johnson

A recent college grad (University of Wisconsin-River Falls) in marketing communications with a minor in business communications, Anna Johnson started her own brand called Just Anna. She also branded her non-profit, The Butterfly Path, that launch this past November where she helps others in her community with mental health. If Anna’s not at work, talking social media, or helping others brand their business, she can be found drinking endless cups of coffee or shopping at local businesses.

Katie Mullenbach

Social Media Coordinator

@katiemullenbach Katie Mullenbach

Katie Mullenbach is a Social Media Coordinator for Hubbard Interactive. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Strategic Communication degree and minor in Anthropology. She loves staying in the loop with current events and social media trends that are evolving daily. She thrives while collaborating with her team of Social Media Strategist’s to bring clients the very best engaging campaigns and creative content. Katie uses her experience in Anthropology to put herself in consumer’s shoes to understand what should be said or visually expressed to encourage action. Having previously worked in social media and print media, Katie is always eager to learn new techniques and tools. You can say writing and music are her “fortés.” On the weekends you can find her DJ’ing with friends or performing in Downtown Minneapolis.

Pat Laeger

Digital Content Specialist

Pat Laeger

Pat has over 10 years of creative production experience and has produced radio shows, video campaigns, podcasts, and other digital content. Pat is an outgoing introvert, a spreadsheet lover, an Oxford comma advocate, and an avid Mountain Dew drinker.

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