Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Some brands market themselves to a broad audience and have wide appeal while others have to find a select, small audience. Social media is a great tool for a business to reach a wide audience, but it has immense power to find niche audiences and target them with social post and ads. Even before Facebook and Instagram became paid ad platforms, they were powerful brand building and marketing tools.

As with businesses, clothing comes in all shapes and sizes. The King brothers, Kenny & Danny of King Bros. Clothiers, have built their brand customizing clothing and fitting suits for each one of their clients. They used Instagram to build their brand, find an audience, and even find clients to fit with custom suits. In the niche of custom, bespoke suits, they have found success with hard work and the right partnerships. They have worked with a lot of clients – from athletes & celebrities to business people and people who simply wear suits to work everyday.

In this episode we talk with Kenny & Danny King about taking the leap of faith to start a business, and how they have had to evaluate and change their business as digital marketing changes. We were able to find out what it’s like working with Thor Björnsson – “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones, and the Timberwolves’ Karl Anthony Towns. They talk about the role of passion and hard work in making their business a success as well as how they were able to educate people and elevate their brand in a relatively unknown industry.


On This Episode

Pat Laeger

Digital Content Specialist

Pat Laeger

Pat has over 10 years of creative production experience and has produced radio shows, video campaigns, podcasts, and other digital content. Pat is an outgoing introvert, a spreadsheet lover, an Oxford comma advocate, and an avid Mountain Dew drinker.

Tory Kalousek

Senior Social Media Strategist

@earthtobrides Tory Kalousek

With a background in Digital Marketing, Tory is a Senior Social Media Strategist for Hubbard Interactive. She gets her kicks from figuring out how to take clients from all industries digital presence above and beyond. As a Google Analytics, Twitter Flight School and HubSpot Content Marketing certified professional, she sees the power that the digital world can have for a brand. The numbers never lie (usually), and she uses them to help guide marketing decisions. With a double degree in Communications and Spanish from Iowa State University, Tory uses her “Iowa Nice” background to connect with people from all walks of life. Even though she works in digital marketing, she still uses paper to make a list. Otherwise, you’ll find Tory practicing yoga followed by eating a pint of ice cream.

Kenny & Danny King

@king_bros @kingbrosclothiers

Kenny and Danny King started King Brothers Clothiers in 2011. The King Brothers have a unique lens into image and marketing a business, directly translating social media “brands” into sales. They, along with their work, have been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, HBO, hulu, NBA TV, MLB Network, NFL Network and Hollywood movies, among others.


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