Social media is causing a huge change in how brands interact with potential audiences. Just like an endorser on the radio, influencers are using their credibility and large audiences on social media to endorse products for brands. In this episode, we meet with influencer Eric Sanchez (better known as @urksanchez on Instagram) and break down how to create content for your channel, how to best work with brands, and what platforms to be on to get you started.

On This Episode

Missy Young

Social Media Services Manager

@miss_shredbetty Missy Young

As the Social Media Services Manager for Hubbard Interactive, Missy Young’s position entails working with clients and team members to drive social media strategy and lead initiatives to identify new technologies and digital best practices. She develops customized micro and macro campaigns that drive online interaction, promotes and creates content that enhances the customer experience and creates lead generation for medium to large-scale companies. She regularly speaks at local and national events on a variety of subjects including: social media, PR, analytics and content strategy.

Eric Sanchez

Social Media Strategist


While attending Augsburg College, Eric began working in the field of Marketing at Nike, Inc. As a Product Presentation Manager & Social Media Specialist, he provided premium consumer services support by monitoring and responding to inbound service-related messages in a variety of Nike communities via social media & email. Throughout his career, Eric has been working with cross-functional teams to approach Digital Marketing in a way that pushes boundaries and connections. He has a deep understanding of marketing initiatives, software services, web properties and social events. As an influencer himself, he enjoys the digital engagement between products and content creation. Originally from Brownsville, Texas, while not busy at work, Eric competes in summer volleyball & Road Races while spending the remainder of his off time with his black lab named Cooper.

Wheeler Morris

Manager, Corporate Podcasting Strategy


Wheeler oversees all podcasting within Hubbard Radio across the company’s eight markets.

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One comment on “Ep37: Becoming a Social Media Influencer

  1. Joie Gahum Nov 17, 2018

    Make use of good instagram tools like hashatory. Its for finding hashtags for your post.

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