The cannabis industry faces unique challenges right now. Different strains are legal in some state but not others, and it’s still not federally legal. Yet at the same time, there are cannabis products that you can buy at certain grocery stores in all states. Boveda humidity control packs have uses in the cannabis world, and also are used for cigars and wind instruments. In this episode, we talk with Devin Johnson from Boveda Inc. about the struggles and triumphs of marketing a product that can be used as an accessory in the strictly regulated cannabis industry.


On This Episode

Missy Young

Social Media Services Manager

@miss_shredbetty Missy Young

As the Social Media Services Manager for Hubbard Interactive, Missy Young’s position entails working with clients and team members to drive social media strategy and lead initiatives to identify new technologies and digital best practices. She develops customized micro and macro campaigns that drive online interaction, promotes and creates content that enhances the customer experience and creates lead generation for medium to large-scale companies. She regularly speaks at local and national events on a variety of subjects including: social media, PR, analytics and content strategy.

Devin Johnson

Social Media Manager

@DevRachael @devvine

Devin works by day as a Social Media Manager at Boveda Inc. in Minnetonka MN, and by night, she’s usually eating tacos. Her experience within the cannabis industry includes event marketing, product development and social media marketing. She enjoys spending her free time reading self-help books, practicing yoga, or watching the latest HBO documentary.

Sam Franco

Social Media Strategist

@samantha593 Sam Franco

After graduating from Winona State University in 2015, Sam accumulated vast knowledge in healthcare and retail marketing industries through various digital marketing positions. Sam’s Social Media Strategist position at Hubbard Interactive allows her to passionately problem solve within client’s brand standards and social media marketing needs. Sam applies her background in photography to many of the brands she manages, while constantly looking for new creative ideas to reach audiences in the ever-changing digital marketing world.

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