On this episode of The Social Feed our host, Hubbard Interactive Social Media Services Manager, Missy, and Social Media Strategist, Jon Atwell discuss what and how to measure your social media strategy. With so many analytics tools out there to track your progress, we dive into what we use and how it works for our clients.

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Missy Young

Social Media Services Manager

@miss_shredbetty Missy Young

As the Social Media Services Manager for Hubbard Interactive, Missy Young’s position entails working with clients and team members to drive social media strategy and lead initiatives to identify new technologies and digital best practices. She develops customized micro and macro campaigns that drive online interaction, promotes and creates content that enhances the customer experience and creates lead generation for medium to large-scale companies. She regularly speaks at local and national events on a variety of subjects including: social media, PR, analytics and content strategy.

Jon Atwell

Social Media Strategist

@jonatwel @jon_atwell

[Read in deep monster truck rally voice] Who is Jon Atwell?! Well hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen because this renegade social media strategist is here to change the game [echoes] game game game. Working at Hubbard broadcasting and weighing in at 200 pounds 6 feet tall, Jon works on a variety of clients. His goal is to create a unique brand and feel for each client and believes that every industry, if displayed in the correct way, can be interesting and engaging to any audience. Jon loves getting to work with clients and create something that both he and the client can be proud of. When he’s not tearing up the social media game you can find him wrestling alligators, running with the bulls, or riding the lighting.

Jared Ringold

Engineer / Front End Web Developer

@featuringjared @featuringjared

As a Front End Web Developer, Jared updates and maintains the websites for Hubbard Radio’s Twin Cities market radio stations. He also works on a variety of in-house websites and projects that support an array sales initiatives. Jared is a seasoned podcaster, co-hosting and engineering the long-running pop culture and nostalgia podcast The Scope.

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